Sleeping is not easy for me. Especially when I'm standing on my head.
I tried counting sheep but pink elephants keep getting in the way!! Richard Spasoff

“Dear Richard-Thank you for your help the other day. I decided to stay in the mayor's race. I apprecaite your generosity and time ” Best Jeff Adachi... Jeff Adachi "San Francisco Public Defender

Thank you to Richard, the psychic medium, who gave effective and fun readings at our party on April 6. He was very popular and I look forward to booking him at future events.    

Karalee Austin


Coolest hour I must say because Richard told me too!

Had a fun time with RS the second time around. Richard is super cool and I am so grateful that he thinks enough of me to have me on his show again.  Philly P

The first time I spoke with Richard, I felt he really was attuned to “the other side.” He was able to tell me some things about a loved one who had passed, and he seemed to connect with her pretty quickly. He’s also comfortable to chat with, so give him a call!” Jan M.

I have talked with Richard Spasoff on numerous occasions about my company. He has always been accurate in telling me the future of my
company.  Also he has
identified employee problems we did not know about.  Richard has been accurate with tell me the future of my financials and other stuff.  I would  recommend Richard to anyone wanting a corporate physic reading or a personal reading as well.  He is a true professional with an amazing talent.

Charles Allread
Director of Technology /
National Public Safety, Inc.
Western Tech Industries -
Internet Services.

Richard is a very gifted psychic.  Most importantly he is very empathetic and has the highest degree of integrity. 
He advised me on a critical business decision, and confirmed what I had been worrying about that someone was being very sneaky and less than ethical!
  He told me what would happen to an investment and it is still playing out but so far he has been right on the money!  Lastly, he gave me great insight into my “love-life” and was very extremely helpful.  Without a doubt I recommend that you consult with Richard no matter what your question happens to be.  I plan to work with Richard for a long time.  

M Saunders   Executive, San Diego.

Hello Richard! Many Performers attempt to make thier mark at the Comedy Palace. But thier can only be no doubt that in all the world there is only one "Psychic Medium Spasoff Show". I appreciate the opportunity to bring your unique  comic ensemble to the Comedy Palace. and hope to do it again soon! In particular,I found your groups work fresh,quick -paced and meticulously well prepared. I feel confident that your continued performances of your live shows will bring you the recognition and stature that you deserve.


George Salek,

Comedy Palace Manager

Rick Spasoff he is charming,fun and  a great teacher.I love my time with him. Loiuse L. Hay 

Richard's Readings are great!" and the funniest  psychic that I've ever known '-Joe Viterelli

Richard Spasoff gave me an insightful and very empathetic reading which I enjoyed immensely. I felt like I was talking to an old friend." Thanks Richard. I enjoyed the reading. All the best, Grayson Hugh

Richard was awesome. He knows how to work a crowd, and he did a fabulous job reading our guests at the gathering. And what a great way to entertain, with a kind soul like Richard. He's spot on in his readings, too! 
Review by Roni T. from Long Beach, CA on 6/1/2013

"Please accept this letter as recommendation for Richard Spasoff, psychic medium. We had Richard perform at our cast & crew wrap party in July 2008. Everyone enjoyed the event and Richard was a wonderful part of it. I would recommend him to anyone in search of a little something extra for a party or event. Richard was very easy to work with and accommodating, and I wish him all the best in the future." Jenny Fumarolo "A Thousand Words"DreamWorks Production

Richard was great! Very professional and was very accommoding to our older members! Thanks for such a great time!Review by Stacy C. from Borrego Springs, CA on 12/31/2008

"I've appeared on Psychic Medium Spasoff Radio Show many times. Richard Spasoff is a gracious host and always well-informed about his guests and what they are passionate about. The show is light and breezy...and most importantly... always informative and entertaining!". - Stanley Livingston

I met with Richard and have to admit I was apprehensive about the exercise in general. The session started with a short prayer and we focused on my questions.  Straight away Richard started picking up messages, words, etc.  I was blown away with the accuracy with which he was detailing. Certain energy or messages were extremely apparent with what was going on with my life. Things that are ‘live’ and happening in my life at this moment in time came through. One particular mention reduced me to tears, for it was something personal about a family member that grieves me.  He told me something wonderful that set my mind at ease.  I was blown away with his accuracy. He also detailed specific information about my family, current events going on with my sister, and
had very good advice to give her. I would highly recommend Richard for a reading. He is sincere and thoughtful and follows up with you afterwards to ensure that you are ok. Sincerely Nancy. Starks

Hi, Richard, It was such a pleasure having you on our AM and web radio show, "The Joyce Keller Show." I have hosted our award-winning show since 1987, and have along with our production staff, attempted to maintain the highest standards of radio excellence. That is not an easy task, when dealing with paranormal guests and topics. We are happy to say that your appearance with us was more than wonderful! You showed that your psychic talents were super, along with the demonstration of your humorous and quick-on-the-draw dynamic personality. It was a pleasure having you on our show, and we look forward to having you on many future shows. Thank you again for being part of "The Joyce Keller Show," the world's longest-running, live, paranormal radio show. - Joyce Keller, Host and Executive Producer