Wacky World Of The Spaz and Kspaz Productions is a Non Profit designed to help promote good health through comedy, music and medium reading on air.

Wacky World Of The Spaz is a zany mix of COMEDY, MUSIC, CELEBRITIES, AN "Would You Believe?" Inspiring Stories and Positive News As an Angelic Speaker and Comedian. I do succeed in bringing forth a new perspective of Comedy and inspirational stories on our web series.

     Kspaz Radio consist of comedy which is then combined with good music and great inspirational chat. I want to bring forth a fun and inspiring atmosphere with a positive light for our audience. I offer all types of music and comedy, short inspiring stories, quick interviews with celebrities, which will make people feel good. That is the motivating idea behind the programming of this highly personalized radio show brought to you on the you tube. I strive to be a multi-faceted and multi-talented personality, both in my personal and professional life.

My radio career began when I was 5 years old which included making cassette tapes for friends. This was definitely the beginning of my 35 year love affair with radio production, giving me the opportunity to bring a zany comedic personality to the airwaves. I also am a professional Angelic Speaker Medium, Angelic Dance Choreographer, Performer, Photographer, Holistic Health Professional and budding graphic artist.

Many well known radio celebrities, both nationally and internationally, have worked with me. Among those celebrities have been Gary Owens, Ronnie Schell, Shot Gun Tom Kelly, Al Lohman from Lohman and Barkley, Smothers Brothers, George Carlin, Pauley Shore , Bobbie Ruffin, Don Rickles, Wayne Newton and Tim Conway. Most recently, I was able to work with Judy Carter, author of The Comedy Bible, Sandy Hackett, and Phyllis Diller - just to name those on the 'short list'. The Radio Shows I have been part of have been aired on Y95 with Jeff and Jerr, KCEO AM 1000, where I designed and produced a comedy game show called "Hooked On Comedy" with Mike Cook Productions and currently have a show on KLAV AM 1230 in Las Vegas.

Recently I created an web series for your pure totally enjoyment.

You are welcome to listen this humorous and inspirational radio show which is connected to KSPAZ Productions, a nonprofit organization which delights in promoting musical artists and comedians and of course interview with the stars. The goal of KSPAZ Productions is to enlighten the public concerning the relationship between comedy and music as an art and to enhance the mental and physical health of this insightful audience.
Part of my philosophy of life is to bring enjoyment and laughter to the world as a means of healing and removing stress.

                                                                                                     Much Love and Light,

                                                                                                          Richard Spasoff

Non Profit