I have such a low self-esteem, I had to break up with myself! It's still not working out though. I thought, I could just be friends

For twenty five years, I have been a Angelic psychic medium and comedian to the underground of society. Wandering the concrete jungle, meeting with prostitutes, strippers, homeless and the criminal organization known as the Mafia, my work has been wide range and has touched many lives. 

Most of my life was shrouded in darkness. Sex, drugs, murder and mayhem were spread out like a Las Vegas $2.99 buffet . To me this situation was living. As my friend Don Adams would say (from “Get Smart”), “and loving every minute of it.” Don’t misunderstand me; I wasn’t involved with this activity. In fact, this activity scared me to death, but at the same time scared the life into me. It kept me alive, giving me a calling to live. My vocation, my passion was in helping people. I was there to help, to pray and to calm down people during their time of crisis. Even though, I was walking in dangerous company, I felt protected by my angels. I felt that I was always guided to the people 

Richard Spasoff

I work independently at La Costa Resort and Spa. I've produced shows and have been a dance host.  I've done stand up at Aces Comedy Club, The Comedy Palace, The Comedy Store, in La Jolla and the Haha Club in Los Angeles and the World-famous Sapphire Club.
I worked with legendary entertainers such as Don Rickles, Smothers Brothers, George Carlin, Bellamy Brothers, Tim Conway, Phyllis Diller, Cassandra Peterson, The Platters, Bill Pinkney from The Drifters, Erin Moran, Jonathan Kraft from keepers of the Wild, Cliff Robinson, Marty Allen, Wayne Newton, Gary Owens, Ronnie Schell, Wolfman Jack, Carrot Top, Monti Rock III, just to name a few. I've appeared on radio with Jeff & Jer on Y-95, La talk radio with Cameron Dexter with his show life and sports doing readings and comedy. I've had my own show on KGB FM 101.1 classic rock station San Diego, they played my CD called spaz out.  KCEO Am 1000, K Spa AM 1450, KLAV AM 1230, Backstage LasVegas with Michelle Lafong, and even a few stations in Europe, and Australia.
     Internet radio such as KSPAZ Radio, Achieve radio, BBS Radio, BlogTalkRadio just to mention a few.
   I was proud and happy to have worked for Steven Spielberg DreamWorks. I did a psychic medium readings for his wrap party "one thousand words" starring Eddie Murphy, I've done psychic medium shows at the Comedy Palace, Jimmy loves, Crossroads in San Diego County
When I  work with the audience, I like to bring forth a sincerity, an a connection of enjoyment, I like the audience to be involved within an audience interaction. 
   I have worked with every age and keep my act clean and funny, and of course uplifting

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